Is the cable okay? Is there a leak? Beware of fire ♪ Click! hino_youjin When I tried to take a shower, gas or water leaked from the 
  water heater and the electric leakage occurred, so hot water did not come out. When I called the contractor, I was only guided to 
  close the main plug and it would be tomorrow. I can cry. I'm going to cleanse myself with cold water today. There was a bad entry, 
  just right ... Cap Kokeko (Cap Kokeko) ... The 13th generation of the guardian god who protects Melemele Island for generations. A 
  communicative disorder that is timid and vulnerable to tension. I'm always in the shell. If you are too nervous, it will leak and 
  explode. Since there was a problem as a guardian god, he handed over the seat to his relatives and left the treatment to the young 
  chicken. Are feelings other than just shyness emerging about young chickens? The work of the flamethrower and cooking utensils made 
  by ClassicaLoid Beto explodes, and as far as I can see from the picture, it seems that there is poor contact, solder melting, 
  grounding mistakes, electric leakage, and the resistor is not bitten. It seems to be a rudimentary mistake such as an input error to
  each part or overheating. Former Taiko Yasushi Knowledge Net_Electric Leakage, Koyasu, and Kisoku Beto should study electronic work 
  and mechanical work! At this time, 200V is leaking somewhere ... (The lights are off) (Foot guzzling) (Piping that I want to make in
  time for this morning's watering time) (Not boots) It may be a leak, only the living room ... The breaker wasn't down, it was cut 
  off. W Overuse of electricity or electric leakage ... It's overuse. W It's a problem if the response to water leakage, electric 
  leakage, etc. is slow. I think it's difficult. It's difficult because I have to allocate the normal summoning right to the 
  rechargeable battery men. If you tie or tie the cords, it will cause an electric leakage! If you plug in the next outlet without 
  noticing it, you will get one electric shock (> _  ) ⚡️ If there are no missiles or breaking news, the interview audio I answered on
  the TBS news program tomorrow morning will be played. What is the content! This is a case where a doggy ran around Haneda Airport. I
  remembered that a theater I went to in South Korea had leaked electricity and was interviewed as a victim. I tend to be present in 
  various ways. 🐩 === 3 🐩 === 3 🐩 === 3 I hate water! It will leak electricity! That's why licking is prohibited! !! After that, if
  you throw it in the sky as much as you can, it will leak electricity + physical appliances that can be destroyed Yokohama Electric 
  Leakage Motota Koyasu Knowledge Sharing Net_Electric Leakage, Koan