Here’s a thought experiment: Let’s say you rose to the top of your profession, amassing a net worth of more than $400 million along the way. You could do anything you wanted, anytime you wanted. Go anywhere; buy anything. How often would you play pickup basketball? If you’re Adam Sandler, the answer is as often as possible. It’s becoming something of a tradition on the Internet for a video of Sandler shooting hoops at a random place to go viral. In 2019, it was the Sandman at an LA Fitness in Atlanta. The venue this week was an outdoor court on Long Island, where NBA reporter Anthony Puccio said he’s been playing often. Friend sent me this video of Adam Sandler hoopin’ on Long Island... He’s out here playing pick up everyday 😂 — Anthony Puccio (@APOOCH) May 17, 2021 This shouldn’t come as a surprise. “The way I met Sandler was playing basketball with him,” “Uncut Gems” producer Sebastian Bear-McClard told the Ringer’s Alan Siegel. “There hasn’t been a day where — no matter if we’re 3,000 miles away — where he’s not like, ‘Do you want to hoop today? I’m playing hoop in half an hour. Come meet me.’ It’s kind of like, I think, his deepest catharsis.” So, yes, the dude really loves basketball. But that also might hint at what makes him so apt to go viral online in the first place: He may be one of the most powerful people in Hollywood, but rather than spend his seemingly endless dough on fancy restaurants, tailored clothes and private courts, he’s out here with everyone else. It’s the old “celebrities, they’re just like the rest of us” cliche, except in this case, it seems like he actually might be. Image without a caption Adam Sandler playing pickup basketball. (Michele Arcese/startraksphoto/Cover Images/AP) It doesn’t hurt that he’s stingy with the press but generous with fans, often stopping to take selfies with anyone who asks. Or that he arranges his filming schedule around his children’s school schedule.