a 50-year-old white male (Chippendale) jumps out from the bush and begins to chase Andy. Andy dashes through a ditch onto a muddy meadow and keeps running through the woods. Chippendale aims his pistol at Andy and starts to bring his fingers down as if to squeeze off a kill shot, but Andy is in the flow of the chase and is able to elude him. Scavenging for scraps, he stumbles across a dirt road and is soon seen heading into a hamlet town. Angle on. Over a block and a half. The same. By now he is slowing down and can no longer see Chippendale. Over a mile. He turns around a corner, comes face to face with two police cars and two black sedans. He takes off down the road, but is swerved out of control by a little old lady behind a mailbox. He dives out of the way. In the jogging suit, he doesn't seem to notice the old lady before she completely disappears from view. Out of sight, he bumps his head and throws his arms up in despair. Angle on. Several blocks down. He reaches an old hotel. The door is open and two elderly hotel employees are coming out, getting in a cab. Chippendale spots them and the cab immediately stops and one of the Inmates gets out of the cab and knocks on the door. Chippendale begins to quietly drive up to the door and rings the bell. The elderly doorkeeper (earl), in a meaty white shirt, steps aside, and Chippendale pushes the doorbell. The door is then opened. He enters. The booth is surprisingly big. Although not huge, Chippendale stands on the far side of the room and looks around. Finn emerges from the room after a short wait, in his 60's. He too, is a seasoned hunter and also a stock broker.
Chippendale puts on a serious face and steps onto the far side of the booth, to avoid more things being said, and then gets up off the floor and joins them. Finn also looks around and sees no one. Their eyes lock and with an eerie elegance they walk over to one another. Chippendale does what any handsome man would do, and stares at Finn who looks completely caught. Finn makes an ass of himself. Chippendale breathes a sigh of relief.


Squirrel grins with undying desire as he looks at his mother who is transfixed on the TV. Squirrel vomits on Berry Cherry. Orange Aged Squirrel follows a leaf.