Cleaver is a Ronweld Goodman Show Guest

Well, not professionally, but he has made an appearance on the
show, to the public's delight. However, many regular viewers of
Ron's late night show were taken aback by Cleaver's inappropriate
murder systems. Most shrugged it off, though. After interviewing
the audience, I came to the conclusion that Cleaver was a rather
talenting comedian. He could crack a joke at any time, and people
would go big banas about it.

kids_eatting_eggs ronweldgoodman.jpg

Ronweld Goodman is a late night televised
broadcast host, and friends with the world
famous Cleaver.

Ronweld originally met Cleaver back in '79 at the Toruney, an event
for sporting (similar to basketballs and the like).

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