m – The machines are from El Diablo – The Devil is feminine dominant and you'll notice 'her' hive is robot-like and mostly scripted and controlled. My companion of 24 years has turned from seemingly human to more robot-like with tapes just like my biological mother, who rans her own tapes When I no longer feed this 'world', as I animate the corpses, people become more robot-like. I'm Joshua(Yeshua) and I give this 'world' LIFE and LIVING. My companion is the son of the devil. An attempt was made to subvert Children of God to make them into Taoists as payment to the Pied Piper (Orange Man/Cat). For the record, all history has been altered to give the illusion minorities and women have been oppressed when the opposite is the case. The suicide rate for white males is 70%. For the record, no virus is killing anybody and the vaccines aren't killing anybody either. It's a manipulation to create false duality. THE ATTEMPT TO CREATE CHAOS AND B-LOO-D – I had a nightmare – Basically I was sent to a church program for the mentally ill. A bunch of paranormal stuff was happening like the priest and his assistants walked through a door. Turns out the program is meant to "test your faith" and as you progress the gradually torture you, like making you sleep in a "cold room." Eventually they rape and torture you in more direct ways. The goal is to make you leave your body to escape, but that's when they capture your soul.
 Six million ways to die
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